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Abuse represents an action against a child. It is an act of commission. Generally, abuse is categorized as follows:
Physical Abuse
The non-accidental injury of a child.
Sexual Abuse
Any sexual activity, which may include sexual touching and fondling, genital-genital contact, exposing children to pornography or adult sexual activity, exploitation of children, rape, attempted rape, and incest. It can be violent or nonviolent in nature. The act may be for the sexual gratification of the perpetrator or a third party.
Emotional Abuse
Chronic attitude or acts, which interfere with the psychological and social development of a child. Emotional abuse is consistent and chronic behavior (criticizing, withholding love, insulting).
Neglect is the failure to act on behalf of a child. It is an act of omission. Neglect may be thought of as child-rearing practices that are essentially inadequate or dangerous.
Physical neglect:
Failure to meet the requirements basic to a child's physical development, such as supervision, clothing, medical attention, nutrition, and support.
Emotional Neglect:
Failure to provide support or affection necessary to a child's psychological and social development.